“Thunderous Thighasus”



Thunderous Thighasus hides plaque psoriasis,

When it appears on her knees and elbows.

Would a suitor courageous,

Go through the stages,

It takes to get off her clothes?


Birkenstock sandals feature unkempt hangnails,

As she shuffles from home to work.

Nothing’s unkinder,

Than the echoed reminder,

That loneliness really does hurt.


So up pops a devil, in full costumed revel.

He enjoins her to fall for his guile.

A shirt falls from shoulder,

Can’t gauge who’s the bolder,

Both decide to grind for a while.


Energy’s kinetic, the flesh gorge frenetic.

Elbows planted, Birkenstocks up in the air.

Thrashing and groping,

Taciturn loafing,

Sometimes follows despair.


Grunting and sweating, irregular bedding.

Mutual bliss evolves from the sin.

Thunderous Thighasus,

approves this alliance,

and now sports a shit eating grin.